What is RYODEN?


As a "business creation company" that transcends the boundaries of a trading company, we will contribute to the realization of an environmentally friendly, reliable, safe and sustainable society.

We will create unprecedented innovations by leveraging the human power in our global network that encompasses 21 international centers across 11 countries and regions in addition to 27 domestic centers; our knowledge that we have accumulated since our inception 75 years ago; and our four keywords: discover, invent, initiate and launch.

Integrating Achievements and Novel Technologies

We will continue to integrate novel technologies from our network of over 2,000 partner companies to create solutions for the future. Furthermore, we are leveraging technologies in our core businesses of FA systems, cooling & heating systems, building systems, and electronics to tackle the challenges in our society including smart agriculture, health information technology, and decarbonization to create further innovations for the future with novel ideas.

  • Smart Agri

    Smart Agri
    We will take on the challenge of solving food supply issues by realizing a smart agriculture business that leverages the technologies we have cultivated to date, such as LEDs and air conditioning systems.

  • Healthcare

    We will support the aging society with comprehensive health information systems that link medical records and diagnostic imaging, AI-driven diagnostics, and regional collaboration.

  • Remces

    “Remces“ is RYODEN's proprietary platform for integrated monitoring and control to help you solve your challenges and to contribute to your sustainable operation.

Years of Trust and a Wide Range of Business Areas

  • A Wide Range of Business Areas Built over 75 Years Since Inception

    Our strengths are the wide ranging business areas that we have built with our customers since our founding in 1947.

  • Creating Novel Businesses

    We will work to transform ourselves into a "business creation company" that transcends the boundaries of a trading company.

  • Global Network

    Our business activities operate over 21 international sites encompassing 11 countries and regions. In addition to sales, we also discover new technologies and commercial materials.