Company Profile

Company name

RYODEN Corporation


April 22, 1947


JPY 10,334,298,875 (as of March 31, 2022)

Stock exchange market

Tokyo Stock Exchange Prime Market


Consolidated: 1,214 (as of March 31, 2022)

Construction industry license

Ministerial Approval for Plumbing Work (Special Type 2) No. 4058
Ministerial Approval for Machinery and Equipment Installation Work (Special Type 2) No. 4058
Ministerial Approval for Scaffolding and Earthwork (General Type 2) No. 4058
Ministerial Approval for Electrical Work (Special Type 2) No. 4058
Ministerial Approval for Telecommunication Work (General Type 2) No. 4058

Telecommunication Business Registration

Registration Number: 383

Purposes of Business

1. Manufacture, purchase, sale, and import/export the following items:
a. Electrical machinery and equipment, electronic devices, and communication equipment
b. Construction machinery, machine tools, transportation machinery, office and domestic machinery and equipment, and other general machinery and equipment
c. Measuring instruments, medical instruments and equipment, and other precision machinery and equipment
d. Metal and metal products, textile products, wood and wood products, paper and paper products, chemical products, petroleum products, rubber products, earth and ceramic products
e. Everyday goods, oils and fats, fuels, agricultural and marine products, food and beverages
2. Development, processing, repairing, leasing, contracting, and transportation of items listed in the previous clause
3. Construction
4. Purchase, sale, lease, and management of real estate
5. Acting as an agent, intermediary, and wholesaler for the aforementioned items
6. Worker dispatch business
7. Power generation and electrical power distribution
8. Purchase and sale of secondhand goods
9. Telecommunication business
10. Businesses related to the above items

Corporate Officers

President* Katsuyuki Tomizawa
Senior Executive Officer and Representative Director* Shoji Kitai
Executive Officer and Representative Director Takahiro Ozawa
Executive Officer and Representative Director Shunichi Higashi
External Director Goro Fujiwara
External Director Masahiro Muroi
External Director Thomas Witti
External Director Hideki Matsuo
Auditor Hiroshi Hiraide
Auditor Hirozou Tomomori
External Auditor Masato Suzuki
External Auditor Noriko Sekiguchi
Executive Officer Kazumoto Yogosawa
Executive Officer Ko Oniwa
Executive Officer Yasumaru Tokiwa

* indicates Representative Director