Greetings from our President

Through our four core businesses (FA, cooling & heating, building solutions, and devices), we aim to create new value for customers through customer experience (CX) proposals. 
We have also developed six new management service platforms that were made uniquely our own by leveraging our technological knowledge based on our digital transformation (DX) strategy.
Additionally, we are expanding our domain into new fields including smart agriculture and healthcare, and exploring these fields in ways that only we can undertake.

In communities surrounding our company, the concept of values and the behavior pattern are changing drastically due to rapid progress in 3D (Dynamic, DX and Diversity), COVID-19, and the actualization of geopolitical risk. 
In addition, the variability, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity are also increasing in the market environment. 
Because of occurrence of an unexpected event under such conditions, it is becoming increasingly difficult to predict the future.

During a phase of such a massive change, our company should show its determination to advance our efforts in such a manner as to give its full attention to change, actualize problems as factors of new issues, propose and implement specific solutions, and promote initiatives to achieve growth.

2024 is the last fiscal year of the medium-term management plan.
The RYODEN Group will attain our goal for the change stipulated in ICHIGAN 2024 and realize a sustainable society in terms of the environment, safety, and security, as a 100-year-old company.

April 1,  2024
Katsuyuki Tomizawa