Management Philosophy and Code of Conduct

We conduct our business activities based on the following Management Philosophy and RYODEN Group Code of Conduct:

Management Philosophy

A good company continues to foster better relationships with its employees, management, and society, with ideas that support its spirit even in times of rapid change. Companies that continue to evolve with the times emerge victorious and progress. 

We also developed the following three new management philosophies:

  • We respond to social changes, strive for the stability and growth of company operations, and contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.

  • We earn trust from stakeholders through honest business activities and the provision of advanced technologies.

  • We respect the personality and individuality of employees and nurture them to be well versed in their specializations, innovative, and creative.

We aim to become a company that thrives through time with these principles as our spiritual pillars.

Code of Conduct

The “RYODEN Group Code of Conduct“ is intended to more specifically state our management philosophy, and all executives and employees are to follow this code of conduct with this as their behavioral guideline as they engage in business activities. It will also be reflected in company operations and various systems. 
This code of conduct provides appropriate criteria for our own actions and this is also our clear statement about our corporate stance of adhering to ethics, laws, and regulations. We conduct our activities to create shared values as a company, revitalize our environment and culture, and further develop our company so that the RYODEN Group will become a more trusted corporate brand in society.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations

  • We place the utmost priority on complying with laws and regulations in all business activities and refrain from engaging in unethical behavior.

  • We maintain a healthy relationship with politics and administration, take a firm stance against antisocial behavior, and do not tolerate it.

  • We actively disclose our corporate information appropriately and swiftly, and operate the company with transparency.

Striving for Profitable Growth

  • We aim for profitable growth in company management, with each executive and employee fulfilling their responsibilities.

  • We conduct our activities with a customer-first mindset, and strengthen our technical expertise and management infrastructure as professionals in our respective fields.

  • Taking a medium- to long-term perspective, we swiftly and accurately grasp market changes and drive the exploration of new markets and fields.

  • We endeavor to enhance shareholder value.

Fulfilling Responsibility to Society as a Global Corporation

  • Respecting human rights and each individual's dignity and individuality, we refrain from engaging in discriminatory treatment based on factors such as gender, race, religion, disability, and similar grounds.

  • Understanding the religions, beliefs, and cultures of each country and region, we comply with laws and regulations to contribute to the development of those nations through the growth of our business.

  • We endeavor to raise awareness of social responsibility and actively participate in initiatives for social contribution.

Establishing One's Own Ideas, Developing Oneself with a Strong Sense of Purpose, and Creating a Vibrant Organization

  • Individuals will deepen their thinking, establish their own ideas, and act proactively with a spirit of gratitude and consideration for their surroundings, the organization, and society.

  • We courageously challenge to innovate and learn from failures to create better value.

  • We engage in active communication and widely share information.

  • With a strong sense of purpose, we actively pursue self-improvement, enhance expertise and skills, and cultivate creativity.

Executives and Managers Fulfill Their Responsibilities

  • They promote beneficial and sufficient corporate governance in management.

  • Formulating policies and strategies based on their own ideas, they actively follow through within their departments, and take the lead in carrying out challenging tasks.

  • They draw out the individuality and capabilities of each employee, fairly assess them, strive to improve management quality, and nurture personnel who contribute to business growth.

  • They strongly acknowledge that complying with this RYODEN Group Code of Conduct is their responsibility and ensure its widespread understanding and implementation among team members.