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Do you have any of these issues in realizing digital transformation (DX) at your healthcare facility?

  • It is difficult to secure budget for IT devices (such as PCs) and the capital investment required for a healthcare information system.

  • We are having trouble handling the imaging signals of medical images as they vary depending on the manufacturer.

  • What do you need to continue providing medical care during a disaster?

solution 01

The Totalpack IT, a service that supports DX of medical institutions, Provides a Flat-rate System Cost

The Totalpack IT is a 10-year long-term warranty service for IT equipment and systems for medical institutions that supports DX of medical institutions and reduces the burden of management.
IT equipment is packaged, data is managed using the cloud, and monthly flat-rate usage reduces installation and operation costs. In addition, long-term warranty ensures peace of mind.

Total Pack Provides Fixed System Costs

solution 02

“RIDERS“ Provides Centralized Management over Medical Images

RIDERS provides centralized management over all images within a hospital. Distribution of consolidated screens provides not only sharing of data, but also reassurance, safety + efficiency + training environment.


solution 03

Protects Patients’ Lives from Power Outages and Supports Medical Care

Protects large inspection equipment required for emergency triage and others.

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